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Annual review and accounts

You can read about our activities and impact in the last financial year in our Annual Review; for financial information read our Financial Statements. You can find the most recent of these documents at the top of the two lists below, highlighted in bold.

Annual reviews and financial statements

Take a look at the Impact Report for the year ending March 2017:

Download the 2017 Annual Review

Find out more about our work in each of our annual reviews from previous financial years, or scroll down for our more detailed financial statements.

Previous impact reports (formerly 'annual reviews')

Previous financial statements

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What are we researching?

We invest more into CF research than any other charity in the UK, tackling all of the major problems that arise from cystic fibrosis.

Research we fund

Explore the effects

Cystic fibrosis has an impact on many areas of the body. Explore our interactive feature to find out what that means for someone with cystic fibrosis.

Interactive body

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