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UK CF Registry at-a-glance report 2017

Our ‘at a glance’ version of the UK CF Registry Annual Data Report 2017 highlights the key information from the full report, available at

A clip board with the words: '9,887 annual reviews recorded' with a thumbs upAnnual reviews

9,887 annual reviews were recorded in 2017, 192 more than 2016.

An illustration showing people of different ages walking over a line above a graph that says the percentage 60.6%Population age

20 is the median age of people with CF on the Registry. 60.6% of people on the Registry are aged 16 or over.

An illustration of a man holding a placard with the number 28 on it, and a boy holding a placard with the word 16 on it.Antibiotics

33.6% of people under 16, and 52.4% of people 16 and over, had IV antibiotics in 2017. The median number of days spent on IVs was 16 for children, and 28 for adults aged 16 and over.

A ven diagram displaying the information about the people on antibiotics.

Burden of treatment

20% of people with cystic fibrosis take three or more inhaled medications.

An illustration of a man and a womanMedian predicted survival

Median predicted survival for people born today, using 2013-2017 data, is 47 years old. The median predicted survival for females (43.1) is 6.5 years lower than males (49.6).


58 women with cystic fibrosis had babies in 2017.

44 men with cystic fibrosis became fathers in 2017.

A bar chart showing 12.2% of children aged 10-15 and 33.8% of adults 16 and over receiving treatment for CFRD

CF-related diabetes

People with CF taking cystic fibrosis related diabetes (CFRD) treatment:

12.2% of children, aged 10-15

33.8% of adults, aged 16

An illustration of a hand holding a device that shows how many people have been screened for CFRD.

People with CF who have been screened for CFRD:

52.9% screened

24.7% have an existing CFRD diagnosis

19.3% have not been screened

1.4% unknown

An illustration of hands holding a clip board in front of a pair of lungsTransplant

51 adults received a lung transplant, compared to 46 in 2016.

235 people with CF were evaluated for transplant in 2017, and 121 were accepted onto a transplant waiting list.

Ven diagram presenting the information about the route of diagnosis.Route to diagnosis

7247 (73.3%) of people on the Registry were diagnosed through methods other than newborn screening. The most common of these are:

  • Abnormal stools/fatty stool (steatorrhea)/malabsorption
  • Persistent or acute respiratory infection
  • Failure to thrive/malnutrition

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